Friday, March 5, 2010

To write or not to write?

Lately I have really enjoyed writing about my experiences. I would continue writing if I knew that what I wrote wouldn't be taken out of context or blown out of proportion.

The thing with me though, is I have gotten over a lot of happenings from my past. They are things I can look at and say that I'm not happy about them, but, they shaped me. Made me the person I am. The person I LOVE that I am. I think in some ways if I could continue writing- it would help inspire others who have been in similar situations. In fact I KNOW I can inspire others. Maybe someday down the road I can.

Healing/Changing/Forgetting is very hard for some people and I forgot that maybe other people hadn't acknowledged those things, rather, shoved them in a corner.

I forget that I am under different circumstances. My healing/changing/forgetting process sped up when I joined The Church, and it's in my nature to make the best of my horrible situations. I'm not at all trying to say I'm "special" or "better", just that I understand that writing about my past may hurt others more than it hurts me, because I have a different understanding and interpretation of life in general.

When I wrote that post about my brother Chubsy, my family's reaction was not negative. They felt that it was bitter-sweet, and my oldest brother was a bit jealous that the post wasn't about him. My brother's are my hero's and not including them in my writing would be robbery. I want to write about our hardships together, it is what has bound us. We always, always have each other.

I deleted the post (Chubsy Ubsy Partner in Crime) because I feel that it may be contributing to some unnecessary drama in the family at the moment. Luckily it isn't THE drama, because I would feel bad if I had caused that.

I will just wait till things smooth over. Then hopefully get back to the scheduled programming!
Until then, I will stick to writing about me, and me only. Selfish but entertaining right?

I love writing,
-The L.G.

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  1. Hmmm. I guess you do what you have to do, right?


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