Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best Day of My Life, this month atleast!

I had the amazing privilege to photograph the Holi Festival of Colors with 12 photographers on Saturday and to say I am high on life is an understatement.
Scott Jarvie of JarvieDigital organized our small group and besides the individuals who came with their own pro gear and the media, we were the only group in sync with festival organizers who covered the event!
Our photos will be sent all over the nation and world to different media, and a book will be published with the best photos taken. Scott put a lot of effort into being prepared, and the lucky soul Pete Stott (a great photo editor and photographer) will go to heaven for bringing baby wipes! It was a MESS! There were times when I couldn't see an inch in front of my face and my lungs flooded with dyed cornstarch while photographing in the middle of the masses of bodies. My nose was plugged with purply-pinkness. The rainbow powder made its way into every crevice imaginable and my plastic wrapped camera made it through, mostly. Was it worth it?
Helk yes it was!
Go HERE to view all of the photos taken by our team.
Collectively we took over 10,000 photos (wow).
Below are a few photos I snapped...edited by someone else on the Jarvie Team.
I will add more when they come.
50% of the proceeds for photos purchased will go to the Krishna Indian Temple, the rest will go towards Scotts photo school and expenses like the trash bags, baby wipes, hamburgers we ate..all that good stuff to prepare and provide at the event (and maybe they will give me some if you buy, say ten million copies of my photo)
The photos were all taken on raw and only a certain number of programs can edit raw photos, none of which I own. So I will def. be adding more photos on the Macs at school tomorrow!

Alas! My photos!


Some day I would like to hire my own photo editors!
Scott and Pete did an awesome job with editing!


  1. The last picture is my favorite! But the link didn't work for me :( I always see pictures of this event from my Utah friends on Facebook but I don't really know much about it.

  2. The link does not work.... :*( but I really wanna see!!! whiny.
    I think that's DEF awesome!!! And it was a blast!

  3. hi. i'm pretty much a stranger.
    but not really.
    because i know who you are. and i think you mayhaps know who i am...? eek? i dunno.
    you're quite glorious. and your posts are quite enjoyable. yes. quite.

    have a lovely day.

  4. hi! me again.
    yeah yeah. i'm glad you know the connection. that we share. and deven and i spent some good time together, as friends, and he used to talk about you. oh glorious. except not. so really whatever was said about him, was deserved. and i'm generally the peace-go-lucky please kind of person. really though. i knew exactly who you were talking about as i read that post. and i sort of chortled.

    anyway. you're glorious.
    thanks for the photog compliment, dear.

  5. That is SO fun! I always love seeing your photos. I am sure that was a great experience! Yes, looked messy. Not a fan of stuff on my skin, but those people looked like troopers. Hope your lungs recovered from sucking it all in!!


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