Friday, March 12, 2010

Awesome Post Times Googleplex.

I had a very fulfilled childhood, and by fulfilled I mean that I got into my fair share of trouble and mischief, and spent every other moment in between being harassed by my brothers. It's a wonder that I'm still alive, actually.

Between being locked in suitcases, rolled up in blankets like a burrito (which explains my claustrophobia), tricked into eating a dried, hot, red chili pepper, and being lored to sit on a mattress folded in half (which led to my flying all the way across the room and hitting the wall spread eagle *SPLAT* like a bug on a windshield, and a concussion thereafter), I can still muster up a few drops of love for those mangy boys.

I thought you might like to see some pictures of this time in my life that I speak of, and get to know who these brothers are that I'm always talking about.

We clean up nicely.

I am the ring leader...not really. I really love the huge mound of Christmas throw up as the back drop. My brother on the right doesn't have an alias yet, can't think of anything clever enough to describe his ninja greatness.

Wish I had MS paint so I could make laser beams come from our eyes.
aww look, the only time we were dumb enough to hold hands. cute.
That's me and Chubsy by the way. And what the HELL mom, why did you dress me this way? You think you're funny don't you? I look like the fracken blue berry girl from Willy Wonka.


  1. I can't believe you got slammed into the wall because of a mattress! That is so funny. (and painful!)

  2. You're so cute! Isn't having a family to torture you the best?! That's what siblings are for. :) Glad you have such a great family!

  3. Hey I saw that you are friends with MBP. Go to Just thought you should know they are fakes, and pass the word please :)


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