Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Side Show Val.

I think our teacher's affect us a lot as individuals as we are growing up. I mean, they are pretty much our parental figures for half of the day from age 5 years up to 18. We would be robbing them if we said we didn't learn a thing from them wouldn't we?

In kindergarten I LOVED my teachers. I always got in to trouble, always. But, I still felt love when I was around them. Even though Miss Kirk took me to the principal's office for putting sand down Amy's pants, still there was love. Even though I poked Rob in the eyes, still there was love. They showed me mercy.

In first grade I had Mrs. Miller. She hid candy in the cupboards. I always found it. I think she liked me okay, but I always talked with my hands in my mouth. She yelled at me one day to STOP biting my nails. It startled me.

I don't remember second grade all too well. The kid that sat next to me ate all of the glue. He'd squirt a huge white glob out onto his tongue and stick it out at me, as if to say "Ha ha I ate the glue, none for you". As if I was supposed to be jealous?! Idiot, I thought.

I'm pretty sure that was the year that I taught a little girl on the bus how to cuss. I beat up a boy on the play ground and the kids all cheered. I told Rob it was over because he wouldn't dance with me (even though the fact that we were "together" was news to him). I danced in my underwear with my best friends to a Michael Jackson song at my first big sleepover. Oh and Chubsy Ubsy puked in a kids jacket hood on the bus....poor kid.

In third grade I only remember being yelled at by Mrs. White. She looked like a witch. She dug her nails into my skin and jerked me around when I wouldn't do what I was told. One day I overdosed myself on Ritalin so I could behave better for her.

In fourth grade I remember Mrs. Beck throwing my desk to the ground because it was messy. I had never experienced so much rage from a teacher. I cried as she threw all of my things in the trash. So what? I'm a pack rat.

In fifth grade I was jealous of all of the other girls because Mr. Williams payed them lots of attention. He would strum on his guitar and add one of the girl's names to the song. Sometimes he would let them sit on his lap. I was a bad student, always talking, never really listened even when I tried.

So needless to say, not even my teachers could handle or wanted to handle me. I blame it on my A.D.D.

A word of advice for those dealing with someone who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder: You may want to be prepared to have a live Circus on hand at any given moment. These days it's probably the only thing that could keep my attention long enough.

But you should be aware that: Grades will suffer, we will fidget, bite our nails, tap our feet and be extremely unorganized and messy. We have selective hearing and can't focus on any given thing or multi-task. We also start many hobbies and projects and never finish. It's not that we don't have time to finish projects, we just lose interest quickly. We get bored easily with jobs and relationships.

Though I think relationships are what I have cherished most and have had luck keeping. There is hope after all. I proved the scientists wrong. HA!

What have I learned?
Teacher's aren't tough, and you never realize they are humans until you are older. I'm sure they showed me as much patience as they could bare.


This is the story of my life!


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