Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Every few months or so I go on a puppy binge. I just get this desire to take care of something and have it be mine, cuddle it to smithereens, and cry at the mere sight of it's cuteness. I don't think I'm fit to be a parent, so having a kid is unbelievably out of the question. A puppy is a perfect substitute! However, Justin says we aren't in a spot to have a puppy. We have a tiny home that is technically a studio apartment and doesn't allow dogs, and we are hardly ever home and have time to nurture each other. I was in super puppy mode today, and truly needed to convince Justin that getting us a puppy was critical.

The Conversation went as follows via text message:

Me: I want a puppy so bad :(. I really want one. I can take care of it :)
Justin: No room for a puppy right now.
Me: In 2 months I will need a puppy. (when our lease is up)
Justin: We'll see.
Me: I'm just going to surprise you, and you'll be so happy!
Justin: Surprising me like that might not be the best idea.
Me: Rubbish! I will poop on your pillow case! Take that for a surprise!
Justin: I'm not afraid of your poop! Better your poop once than puppy poop day after day!
Me: I will poop in all of your socks and your pillow case everyday as long as I keep eating.
Justin: I'll sneak starches into your food every day so you get constipated and can't poop at all.
Me: Fine! I will just implode! No wife or puppy for you.
Justin: I'll still have a wife. I'll just have to keep you in a vase on the mantle. And maybe then I'll get a puppy.
Me: And you'll still be cleaning my poop out of your socks hahaha.

I can't wait for the day that I get to drag around baby Sharma. Yepp that's her name. She, being an English Springer Spaniel was named after this guy:This is Chris Sharma, a professional bouldering climber

Meet Sharma as a Eng. Springer Spaniel:

Meet Sharma as a Labradoodle, another breed I'm in love with:

The last time we had an animal was Chaco, our parakeet, he died. He was an impulse buy, I decided I HAD to have him and just brought him home from the pet store one day. Yes it was a rash decision but we both grew to love Chaco sooo much! I'm not serious about pooping in Justin's clothing...yet. But I do hope that once our lease is up he will let me get Sharma. I do know that dogs are a big responsibility, honest! I want the responsibility. I just want a little buddy to talk to and convince that I am the master of the universe.

See how fun being a dog owner can be? You can't say no to this face.


  1. you almost made me pee my pants. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

  2. I am with you - I want a puppy SO bad but I know I don't have time for one. :( Another cute breed I know is the labradoodle. So cute.

    I love your conversation with your husband - hilarious!


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