Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was thinking...yep it's true, I was!

Nothing too important. I was just thinking how picky I am when it comes to airplane seats. No one prefers the middle, it's the worst of both worlds. Too far from the bathrooms and too far from the nice view downward. I always get offended when I am seated in a middle seat and the person sitting beside me at the window chooses to shut the shade and fall asleep. In fact while they are sleeping I plan out the many things I could do to make them pee their pants. I wish hateful things upon them and their loved ones. BECAUSE! If I were ever so lucky to sit by the window I would spend every second admiring the plethora of fluffy clouds, spying little ant cars and day dreaming into the sunset. But, as luck would have it I have a man beside me who is staring at me, an obnoxious Satan reincarnate kicking and screaming in the seat behind me and the horrible woman who HATES a good view.

This is the ideal way I would choose to fly!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something I like to call Dreamland

I don't know if you knew this (probably not) but I am an avid Etsian! Translation: I am addicted to ETSY! It is a place where people all over the world sell all things handmade! Although a college student's budget can only stretch so far I have managed to purchase a few pieces of jewelry from there. If you can't purchase anything it is a great place to blow a few hours just perusing. I always look there when I need ideas on making my own Etsy worthy crafts. Seriously go peek! Below I have some examples of art I have recently discovered on Etsy. If you are interested in their work I have also included a link to their shops.....

On a different note I was wondering if maybe I could share some up and coming thrift finds that I will be re-vamping? I have picked up a couple things here and there at local thrift stores over the past few months that I have been meaning to spruce up and I think if I make it an obligation here to my now SEVEN readers I will most likely get them done and contributing to the Hunter society, population: 2, once and for all (but really I want to convince Mr. Hunter that I truly did buy them with purpose!). Plus maybe it will give you some ideas of your own. Win+Win!

Now on with our original broadcast :) Have a splendid Friday!

The Nebulous Kingdom
(below) By: The Wheatfield

(below) By: Tina Tarnoff

(below) By: Stephanie Fizer
(below) By: Elsita
(below) By: Corid

The next three make my heart smile. I love these prints!!!
(below) By: The Poppy Tree
Aww, It's Justin and I! My birthday is coming soon. I love this print.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is the year!

I never usually make New Years resolutions and never have I ever kept the one's I have made, however, this year feels different. I have a feeling that I could make this year the best one yet if I set some goals! On OhBrooke! Brooke makes a valid point in making goals that you can keep like buying a new pair of shoes every month or eating at a new restaurant every week maybe even gaining 10 pounds in the next year would be an easy task.... Well normally I would settle for that, but I am setting goals this year. Very important one's! Drumroll please.........

*Read a Chapter in my scriptures every night

*Exercise more

*Lose 10 lbs. by May 2010

*Take more pictures

*accumulate at least 500 dollars in my savings account

*ask for God's help more often

*Read more books

*Stop buying fabric and use what I have (that's gonna be difficult!)

*Stop farting around The Mister so he'll be more attracted to me. Well he says he likes that I'm fine with farting, but I don't believe it. I hope my mother-in-law never reads this because she HATES the word fart. She would kill over if she found out I was saying such garbage!

*Do more romantic things with The Mister.

* Fall more in love with The Mister. (and my LOUD humidifier that you could also call a mister...)<----that was corny, but it's staying.

*Feng Shui (Fung-Shway) my home. My friend did this to her room and it seems so peaceful! If I don't Feng Shui it then I will at least de-clutter and attempt to keep it up better.

*Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up before 9 in the morning.

*Do homework before it's due

*Watch every episode of 24 this season (easy enough)

As you can see, I may be a little over my head in goals, but this is the year! I will be happier than the last if I at least attempt these goals. I feel like they are more concrete since I have posted them on my blog, so all 4 of my readers will hold me to these resolutions!

What are some of your resolutions for the year? Think quick! The Mayan Calendar says we only have 2 more years left!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Layout. Your thoughts?

I have a new layout here as you can see...mainly because it's pretty. But I'm not sure how certain I am about having it on this particular blog. Does it represent me well? Is it even my style? I noticed that some people see me as someone who has bright hot neon everything...but I actually love more natural hues, the colors of the earth...soft colors. I won't deny, I have awesome style...but that does not include loud colors all of the time with the exception of the occasional red, yellow and blue. Maybe when I was in high school, but Mummy, times have changed I stopped wearing Mermaid panties a long time ago. I have also stopped covering every inch of my body in roll on glitter. I am a new woman, almost 22 wouldn't cha know?! So. What should I do with this blog? I thought of having it professionally styled but attempted to make it look pro myself...I think I need to do more research until I find something I completly can't live with out! Whatcha think my 4 gracious followers?

I thought these were spice girls when I saved the picture...it's clearly not. I don't remember there being men in the group. Anywho...this is not me. I was a child of the eighties, but I don't partake of that style era. I think there were a lot of fashion no-no's from that time that alot of us would like to forget (balloon pants). Shockingly a lot of it is back in style.

(Below) This is the style I like to emulate. I even have the same hair style.

So basically you understand that I like old-fashioned, classy, retro style.