Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Layout. Your thoughts?

I have a new layout here as you can see...mainly because it's pretty. But I'm not sure how certain I am about having it on this particular blog. Does it represent me well? Is it even my style? I noticed that some people see me as someone who has bright hot neon everything...but I actually love more natural hues, the colors of the earth...soft colors. I won't deny, I have awesome style...but that does not include loud colors all of the time with the exception of the occasional red, yellow and blue. Maybe when I was in high school, but Mummy, times have changed I stopped wearing Mermaid panties a long time ago. I have also stopped covering every inch of my body in roll on glitter. I am a new woman, almost 22 wouldn't cha know?! So. What should I do with this blog? I thought of having it professionally styled but attempted to make it look pro myself...I think I need to do more research until I find something I completly can't live with out! Whatcha think my 4 gracious followers?

I thought these were spice girls when I saved the picture...it's clearly not. I don't remember there being men in the group. Anywho...this is not me. I was a child of the eighties, but I don't partake of that style era. I think there were a lot of fashion no-no's from that time that alot of us would like to forget (balloon pants). Shockingly a lot of it is back in style.

(Below) This is the style I like to emulate. I even have the same hair style.

So basically you understand that I like old-fashioned, classy, retro style.

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