Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was thinking...yep it's true, I was!

Nothing too important. I was just thinking how picky I am when it comes to airplane seats. No one prefers the middle, it's the worst of both worlds. Too far from the bathrooms and too far from the nice view downward. I always get offended when I am seated in a middle seat and the person sitting beside me at the window chooses to shut the shade and fall asleep. In fact while they are sleeping I plan out the many things I could do to make them pee their pants. I wish hateful things upon them and their loved ones. BECAUSE! If I were ever so lucky to sit by the window I would spend every second admiring the plethora of fluffy clouds, spying little ant cars and day dreaming into the sunset. But, as luck would have it I have a man beside me who is staring at me, an obnoxious Satan reincarnate kicking and screaming in the seat behind me and the horrible woman who HATES a good view.

This is the ideal way I would choose to fly!


  1. HAHA! Love the pic! Where did you find that? I get really annoyed sometimes in situations like those you described.

  2. Ha your so funny Val, I hope I dont fall asleep next to you on a plane! Although I tend to keep the window open and gaze outside most of the time. Just hope you never sit directly in front of the bathrooms. Worst plan ride EVER!


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