Thursday, February 4, 2010

The not so glorious, glorious day.

It's my turning 22 photo!

Weeks before your own birthday you might put a lot of thought into what gifts you want or what you would like to do and who you want to invite to help you celebrate. This year as I was about to turn the ripe old age of 22, It didn't even occur to me that a birthday was coming. Monday while I was spending time at my neighbors house the occasion came up and I had totally forgotten that my birthday is this week! Yesterday my husband asked me what I would like to do for my Birthday and I felt a tiny pang of bitterness about the subject, like why should I be deciding this??It's my birthday, you plan it! But, when isn't it always about deciding what YOU want for your birthday? Well, somehow this year the world decided to spin a different direction and, well, I just may like a surprise this year. So, It's here, today is my birthday and the only surprises I got was my usual monthly gift that ravaged my body in the middle of the night and a dead transmission. That leaves Justin and I, who have really busy schedules, with one vehicle. This year I feel like my birthday was taken away and if I could find who took it, I would bite them so hard that it would draw blood, just like I did to the little girl who took my cookie that first year of pre-school. It's like a magical, secret, hiding spot that only I knew about has been taken over and occupied by Nazis.

Today I feel bitter. Bitter that I'm another year older, bitter that today hasn't been a memorable one, bitter that Justin is at school late, bitter that I don't have a cake with candles to blow out, bitter that I am not a kid, bitter that I was born during a cold winter month when there is nothing to do at 8:00 at night. Maybe I can consult my mother and see if we can move my birthday to a nice, hot summer night!

I'm sorry you all have to read this. When it's someone's birthday don't you hope that they have the best day ever?! Wouldn't it crush you to hear that it absolutely wasn't their best day ever?
Well sorry to disappoint, but, I wouldn't say today's occurrences is something I want to relive. However, I have had so many good days in my year as a 21 year old! So many that it out weighs this horrid day. That to me is more important than one day of gifts and cake.

So, now I raise my glass to all the people who have made many memorable days for me to live in. You make turning another year older worth while!

With love, Val
This is my pretend birthday cake! It sure was delicious!

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  1. You are too cute! I'm sorry you didn't have a good day! If I'd have known, I'd have invited you over and made you a cake. I may still do that...What kind of cake do you like? Oh, nevermind. I'll surprise you. :D
    I hope that tomorrow is better for you and that you have many MANY more fabulous days in your 22nd year. Heaven knows you make me smile pretty much every time I see you. LOVE YA!


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