Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How're them goals comin' ?

I still don't know where this blog is going. It has only been about a month since I started the whole thing up. I would like to have the layout done professionally instead of the ready made just add water layouts that you see now. I don't really need a particular direction, it's just my life.

A while ago I wrote out my New Years goals. I have been doing better with scripture reading. When I made the goal, for a little over a week I read a chapter every night, and now that I'm a primary teacher I consider that a big part of my scripture reading in planning my lessons, except now I have stopped reading every night and just do it when I remember to or I'm not so tired. You would think that it shouldn't take much effort to open up a book and read a page or two, but some how I'm dragging my feet.

I spend every moment I can with Mr. Hunter. We are so busy these days that sometimes it can be difficult to find that time.

As far as my 10 pound weight loss goes, I have been doing more rock-climbing, which helps my arm strength and that's it. 2 weeks ago I was running on a treadmill when I got this bright idea to try running with my eyes closed, before I knew it, as soon as I opened my eyes (it was too late) and flew off the back end= Big Fail! However, it did give me a moment to laugh at myself or exercise my abdominal muscles= WIN! My neighbor wants to start running (or wheezing is what we like to call it) in the afternoons. I'm glad because I need a support system to get things done

I am taking more pictures! I also am thoroughly EXCITED about my future career. I knew I wanted to be a photographer, but I couldn't pin down what area. I have finally landed on photojournalism. I feel my heart flutter when I think of the idea. I don't feel that way towards, portraiture or wedding photography. That was the route before but it seemed too cliche for me. Any soccer mom with a nice camera can learn to do that (okay-not everyone). In Utah there are a lot of low budget photographers willing to do that job though, and way too much competition. Any one who knows me well is aware that I don't take the easy route, EVER. So I am going to do my best and hope to get "there", and if I don't end up landing a job at the Salt Lake City Tribune or Elle magazine, Fine. I will get my barrings and eventually do what I love.

Oh yeah, and I'm not doing so well with the fabric addiction. I bought 15 fat quarters the other day with no intention to use them. (there was a sale)

I did have a really pretty collage of pictures to go with the post but I ended up deleting it because the quality was a bit too crummy for my liking.

I usually feel guilty for not including a photo, but it'll just have to do.
(that'll do pig, that'll do). I promise lots of pictures next time...maybe even my own *gasp*.


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