Friday, February 12, 2010

Ode to Chris Farley


Every time I think of Chris Farley, my heart breaks. He has given me so much to laugh about. The day Chris Farley died, heaven got it's fat jolly angel back. And, I always think that it was such a comedic waste that he's gone, he totally trumps Will Farrell. So I hereby dedicate this day to Chris Farley. I will leave you now with some photos and a video of this fat guy in a little coat, and then I'm going to watch Tommy Boy.

P.S. One of my special needs guys is totally the spitting image of Chris Farley, it is awesomeness, his name is Chris too, I should get his autograph.My favorite Chris SNL moment.

This video I dedicate to the guys over at MBP: they need all the help they can get with the ladies these days.

Who's your favorite little rascal?

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  1. He was sooo funny. I just watched Billy Madison on tv last night and it made me really miss him. He is hilarious.


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