Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Ladies Camper Trailer! Step Aside Manly Men!

A couple of months ago I was at, which by the way is the coolest decor inspiration site there is...anyways, they were featuring modern (green) campers and well, I was thinking of those tonight and did some research and found these. With the widest most sincere gooey eyes I thought "Can this be true? The most cutest camper's I ever did see? Is it truuee. Is it trueeee?". I AM IN LOVE.
You know that song
"I'm in love with a stripper"? By T-Pain (not that I really listen to that stuff [don't tell my mom-in-law]) Instead I'm singing "I'm in love with a camper, she roll'n, she roll'n"




Recycled trailor society: Trailor trash has a new definition. It's beside the word "Awesome" in the dictionary.

Photo's from the first collage were found HERE.
VW Camper found HERE.
Yellow, Aqua, White camper found HERE.
Camper with the snowcone on top found HERE.
Aqua with white trim camper found via google (sorry, I lost the link)
Trailer Society found HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the collages I put together! I think I will be making more of those! V.W. Busses and bugs are next on the list!

Lady Girl Val


  1. these are stinkin' adorable. now you've got me wanting one!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I want one I want one I want one!! So cute!

  3. I know! I KNow! I filled myself with camper envy too!

  4. I just wanted to write you Lady Girl, and apologize for having to be associated with the MBP in the post you read today. I"m the JTM. The self proclaimed supermodel.

    Btw... that's a lie. I don't even really model anymore unless friends ask, that's one. Two, I've never, EVER, called myself that in any way. If I have, then it was purely in jest and for fun.

    But I'm writing to apologize to you. I promised everyone who commented before my responses that I would. So here I am.

    I'm sorry you had to see me in that light. It is not becoming. Sadly, a few months ago, these men defamed a friend of mine. It hurt her deeply, and I defended her. On twitter, and twitter only. They accuse me of all these other things, and that simply is just not me.

    But I apologize to you all the same for having to read that stuff and to get the opinion of me that you did. I don't excuse wanting to "Throw down" with them like I said. I really would because while I'm not a fighting man, I do fight for my friends in their defense. And I will hide behind no wall to do so.

    If that upsets you, I apologize again.


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