Saturday, June 12, 2010

I married an 8 year old.

The real piano man!
He is very special. Obviously I don't get him out in public very often, you can see why.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chubsy is Official.

Chubsy graduated from basic training almost 2 weeks ago, and now he is off to tech school to be a medic. His family got to see him for just a short little bit after the ceremony and now he is gone till October and then will be stationed who knows where.

In other news, my other brother who I shall name Ellien, will be joining the military (again) soon. He has already served 4 years in the Army, lived it up on ships in the middle east and a few years in Hawaii (nice!) He will be joining the Army Reserves.

I am proud of them for signing their lives over to such a cause. Just hope they always stay safe in the process no matter what. It takes special people, I think, to be a part of these kinds of callings. Not hopeless, lost souls, but people with courage and bravery. I wish I was that strong to serve, I think about it sometimes but would never act on it.