Friday, December 18, 2009

Pete and Repeat

I have been thinking about how my mother fought tooth and nail to teach me lessons when I was younger and they just would not stick! No matter what, I always did the opposite of what she said (sometimes I still do that). My nickname in my family when I was younger was "tape recorder" (and my little ears could not be hidden from anything). I was told not to repeat something and I just COULD NOT do it, the words would just blaze like fire out of my mouth the instant I got the opportunity.
Now that I am older the curtains have opened, everything has meaning, and I still know all of the answers to everything and more, but I understand how my nickname "Tape Recorder" was fitting! Now that I work with special needs people I have gotten a taste of my own medicine. One of my girls (I will call her Ute Fan) was with me in the grocery store doing her shopping a few days ago when a few firemen came shopping around us. I nudged Ute Fan in the shoulder just to pick with her, pointed at one of the firemen and whispered "He's sure cute, huh!?" She agreed, she LOVES the male population (including my husband, she wants him to leave me for her). Later we ended up walking into the cute fireman again, Ute Fan walked into him, pointed at me and said "She thinks you're HOT!". Oh my, my face turned beet red! I haven't felt that way since elementary school. I smiled shyly grabbed Ute Fan and continued shopping. Somehow throughout the rest of our time at the grocery store we kept running into the cute fireman, and every time Ute Fan would shout "Hey Cutiieeeeee!". I was suddenly aware of how my mom may have felt many times during my adolescent years raising the human tape recorder, when every thing flowed like word vomit from my mouth. Every. Single. Being with these special needs people with mentalities between 8 years and 12 years old I am learning so much. Especially about parenting. I also have a new kind of respect for parents raising moody pubescents! My mom can now say "I told you so". But the truth is you just don't know until you have gone through it yourself!

This was me in my younger years.

P.S. If you don't follow my blog I will tell everyone how you wet the bed till you were seven. Wait, that was me....I'll save that story for another day.

Till next time!
-The Lady Girl

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  1. Ok, I laughed out loud a couple of times as I read that post. I love your memories! And I love your store experience.


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