Thursday, December 17, 2009

Luck Be A Lady?!

Of course this blog is named after a Frank Sinatra song! What can be more classy than Frank? Lately I have been wanting to dig in to my inner lady, to find out what it takes to be a lady, and why my husband is so thrilled whenever I pass gas! Is this the lady I want to be? My husband may be thrilled now, but we are only past year one of our marriage. He may not be so overjoyed and proud of his wife 5 years down the road from now. So right now I remain a lady on the couch with orange stained fingers (those Cheetos disappear so fast!), emitting all sorts of smells and noises, screaming at the results of So You Think You Can Dance. I think I can dance but I get exerted just by watching the T.V. so I've got it covered. So while I still have my husband in the honey moon stage, how do I keep him coming back? What can I change to get out of my Lady Beer Belly slump? Maybe that should be my name- Lady Beer Belly. Sounds soooo attractive!

I don't know who will read this, but the more people that read and pretend to be interested in my blog the more I will write.

My Name is Val Hunter a.k.a. Lady Girl. I am still going from girl hood into lady hood, as I am married and married people shouldn't act like adolescents right? Well we'll see about that. I'm still trying to decide where I want this blog to go. Should I write about my temper tantrums with Wendy my sewing machine? Should I talk about the every day trials of a sink that is constantly filled with dishes with no other excuse than that I really love the putrid smell of rotting milk and chicken? (not really). My personality is like a hectic 10 lane highway, with distractions from every direction, never sticking to one lane. Expect the unexpected. I may throw in a boring craft tutorial here and there, or a heavy southern recipe. We do crazy things here in the Hunter household.

See you real soon!
-Lady Girl
I found this image via Google and those Knobby knees totally look like mine! Glad to see that I'm not the only one cursed with those.


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  2. HAHA! Lady Beer Belly... Keep up this blog. It will be fun at the very least.

    Amid all your beer belly fun that you have with your hubby, (which is totally fine sometimes), make sure you get dolled up every now and then. Just because they're married doesn't mean they don't need any encouragement on our part. :)

    Keep up your blog. You do so well at it.

  3. I think this is fabulous val! post more! and alert me when you do. i'll come read and comment.


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