Friday, March 19, 2010

Aw Heck.

This week has been terribly busy with friends and family visiting from out of town, school projects and work. I just can't muster up the energy to write a well thought out post! Not saying the Douche post was thought out, cuz it wasn't...I was half asleep and super giggly when I decided to write about the topic...I even proceeded to purchase a book about famous quotes from douches (like Paris Hilton) from Urban Outfitters. It was on sale! Then my friend Savanna and I got this brilliant idea to send the book to the guys at The Mormon Bachelor Pad along with a copy of all of the douchey things they've ever said (which could take all year to make). They can be a big pain in the enema sometimes. But the book is laying on the floor somewhere at home, and I wonder why I wasted 5 bucks on it.

Before this post turns rotten, I will quit while I am behind. I am supposed to be acting lady like, sort-of-i-guess. But do you really mind? What if I want to talk about how I am an amazingly fast pooper? See what I mean? It's time.

In the very near future I will bring every one up to date with a re-cap of my spring break.
Which entailed: a movie set, robots, a rude waitress, hair dye, ...whoa I just dozed at the computer.


*I just had a thought. I don't like the word 'douche' so why am I using it? Arrgg this worldly world gets the best of us!

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  1. In response to your *asterisk, I often think douche, but usually say "d" as in d-bag. I used to say douche bag a lot until I realized I didn't like the way the word sounded coming out of my mouth. Now I say, "he's such a D.B." and everyone knows what I mean. lol


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