Saturday, November 20, 2010

Indie Folk Lovers UNITE!

I want to start sharing music loves of mine.
I have a huge ego when it comes to my music selection, and I seriously think that everyone else has poor taste except me.
I grew up listening to old school hip-hop, and my step-dad was a pretty impressive break dancer, I kid not! I also listened to Journey, Pat Benatar, Kansas, Queen, Michael Jackson, Metallica. Then I hit middle school and I was all "ahhhh Britney Spears! Mandy Moore! NSYNC! Backstreet boys suck! Marrryy me Justinnnn".
Then in 9th grade I ventured off to some Ska music, punk rock.
My senior year in high school my then idiot boyfriend listened to heavy metal, screamo music, as did I.
So you can see that I have reached some polar opposites in the music spectrum.
I'd like to think that I now have a music love for life! When I broke up with idiot boyfriend, I started venturing into my own taste in music. My folk rock life started with these great artists
-Iron and Wine
-Ingrid Michaelson
-Sufjan Stevens
-Rachel Yamagata
-Skuyler Fisk
-Tristan Prettyman

Today I want to share Junip.
Jose Gonzalez is a wonderful sounding artist on his own but he has teamed up with other talents and created a musical folk orgy (an LDS orgy where we all sit 2 Book of Mormons apart and get high on caffeine, playing a dangerous game of charades!).


  1. I need to investigate these bands...feeling very old now:/ You are a fine specimen Val! Thanks for connecting me to your blog again.

  2. Thanks for all the tips! It has been a while since I have looked into some new bands. Work and school has kept me too busy! I'll have to look into your suggestions.


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