Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm breaking my silence for.....visors. errr yeah.

Dear People of the United States of Uhmerrica!
Please, please I beg you. Do not let these come back in to style. In fact I don't ever remember them being in style. Even when my mom wore them with a big poof of blonde overly hair-sprayed hair coming out the top (sorry mom, it had to be said. Will you still come see me for Thanksgiving now?).

I once feared the day when straight-legged pants came back. But now they are called "Skinny Jeans" which is appealing because of the instant sense of feeling skinny since you are in Skinny Jeans. Who cares that the dozen of cookies I ate last week are scattered through out my hips and thighs! I'm in the Skinny Club!

Anyways, back to the point People! I will be keeping my eye on Vogue, and since I don't jump on a band wagon of fools until I am the only one left, if it does appear then I will sign my life away to the Hipsters Who Take The Ugliest Trends, Slap Them In A Popular Magazine and Become Automatic Have To Wear Status Club<---I tried to think of a better (shorter) name but, alas...just alas.
P.S. This is just an imaginary club, that only I can be a part of because I am 7 years old again, in straight-legged jeans, begging my mother not to wear that damned visor.

P.P.S I don't know why this had to be my debut back into blogging world after a few months of silence. I thought it was important. Obviously I have some awesome priorities.

See you whenever-Val

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  1. I went on a blind date with someone who was wearing a visor..... caught me off guard to say the least... I think I'm with you on this one!


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